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            1. Product Center
              contact us
              Name:Baoji Vodok precision equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd
              Ali wangwang
              About us
                      My company is located in Shaanxi Baoji Qishan Caijiapo Here is the hometown of Yan Di, Zhou Wenhua, the cradle of outstanding people, convenient transportation. With geographical advantages, a solid foundation for our company to thrive under.
              Our company mainly produces precision equipment, CNC tapping grinder (thread grinder), equipment spare parts, has years of experience in the industry professional and technical personnel. Our company advanced product design, excellent quality, through the industry many customers, welcome to consult the purchase.
              , NC tapping grinder is introduced : the equipment adopts imported high performance controller, the main components are imported, processed and extrusion tap cutting, high production efficiency, can effectively prevent the workpiece burn. Especially for the extrusion tap, our company introduction of foreign advanced truncate, all specifications only need to input the edge width and its related parameters, the program will automatically calculate the truncate, without "arc" or "grinding angle" manual adjustment, can be obtained by optimization of extrusion tap truncate. The machine has the advantages of simple operation, the first processing input parameters can be processed, when replacement specification can save the existing parameters, can be directly transferred to the next, the machine is equipped with large capacity hard disk, and is equipped with USB interface, the same type of machine can call each other parameter file, parameter files can be encrypted, to ensure that the user process parameters is not compromised.